Royalty on demand


Theater student makes dreams come true through her business

by Raymond Falkiewicz, Staff Writer

Illustration by Tamara Turner

Finding your calling in life can sometimes be difficult but for Schoolcraft student Emily Betz it came to her early in life.
Betz found her calling in costume design at the young age of 13. She quickly fell in love with the craft, but hungered for more. Now at the age of 20, with determination, hard work, and some help from her supportive parents, Betz created the perfect business to suit her passions: Princess On Demand.
“Since I started costuming, I had always enjoyed creating the dreamiest, sparkling, elegant costumes required in any production or in any historical re-enactment event that I got to participate in,” said Betz. “Soon I was sketching and dreaming up these magical costumes but had no reason or funds to make them. That is when I thought the perfect business to create would be a party entertainment business. That way I would get to perform, have a reason to make some wonderful costumes, gain the funds to make them, and make dreams come true for boys and girls of all ages.”
Established in 2015, Betz’s business based out of Plymouth, Michigan, has allowed her to travel all-around the metro-Detroit area for diverse events. With nine fairy tale characters, two superheroes and three historical figures, Princess On Demand has plenty of options for parties. Betz styles her wigs and makes each costume herself. Each outfit is created with the intent to be as realistic and lovely as possible. Characters are usually hired one at a time, so she is also the main actress for her business, hiring others only when needed.
“My favorite thing about my business is when I get a running hug,” says Betz. “When a child sees me, their face lights up, and they run toward me with their arms wide-open and ready for me to catch them. Those are the best hugs.”

In addition to her business and attending school part-time to achieve her degree in Theater Design, Betz also does freelance seamstress work, costume design/construction for middle school, high school and professional theatres.
In her free time, Betz also volunteers at the Plymouth Historical Museum as a Living History Troupe Member, sells vintage clothing online and assists with Schoolcraft’s theater productions. Needless to say, Betz has quite the resume.
“Professionally, my goal for this business is for it to be a part-time venture on the side that I can pour my heart and soul into while I go to school and work my way up the ladder in the theater business,” said Betz. “It has certainly worked out well so far and has helped me along in my career aspirations. In the next 5-10 years, I hope to reach a larger number of clients so that I can share my costumes and the magic in them with more families.”
Princess On Demand is available for any event for people of all ages and provides many services, such as posing for pictures, singing songs, dancing, playing games, giving away prizes and more.
To book one of Betz’s wonderful characters for an event, visit or call 412-587-2496.