A night of laughter, music and thrill


Schoolcraft’s Got Talent set for April 4

By Yara El-Haj, Staff Writer

In the mood to prove your talents, or just want to have fun? Schoolcraft’s Got Talent is the event for you.
The event will take place on the April 4 at 5 p.m in the Student Activities Center in the VistaTech Center, Lower Waterman.
This is a talent show that is inspired by America’s Got Talent where multiple contestants will display their talents and compete to win. It’ll give the chosen contestants an opportunity to showcase their talent and to improve their skills based on the judges’ constructive criticism and praise. Auditions were held on February 28 and most of the contestants who auditioned were chosen to take part in the show.
The president of the Student Activities Board (SAB), Lory Guipi, believes that “one of the many things that students can look forward to when it comes to SGT is a night of laughter, music and thrill.”
The event will be judged by members of the SAB including Sara Lynn Doty, Anthony Brown, and Reggie Tidwell.
The hosts will lighten the mood, bring laughter to the audience with their own comedic talents, and ease the minds of the contestants as this is the first time most of them will be onstage in front of an audience. Dance breaks will occur where the audience can exhibit their own hidden talents as well as dancing to lively music. It will give them a way to feel more engaged with the hosts, the judges, and other audience members.
Any participants of the show must abide by Schoolcraft College code of conduct which prohibits bringing any animals, firearms or weapons, wearing anything appropriate, or acting inappropriately.
Assistance for this event is welcome. Anyone who is considering becoming a volunteer for the Schoolcraft Got Talent show can also have the opportunity to get to know the members of the SAB and experience what it is like to be involved in it. If they like the environment, ambiance and what the Student Activities Board represents, they are encouraged to join the club.
The committee that is organizing the Schoolcraft Got Talent and the SAB expect this event to be very delightful and entertaining for the people attending. The atmosphere of the show will be welcoming, fun, and upbeat. Concessions will be provided for the attendees.
There is still time to audition up until the 1st of April. The only way to audition is to contact the Student Activities Board Office at 734-462-4422 or at [email protected] to set up an appointment.
For additional questions regarding this event, contact the Student Activities Office at 734-462-4422 or at [email protected]