April Fools’ Day is really fun to celebrate by being ridiculous and enjoying the (hopefully) new spring beginnings, especially when companies jump into the ring to get people excited about a fake product or announcement. However, April Fools’ Day highlights the main problem with the internet at times because false information can spread like a disease, and sometimes people don’t realize that the calendar says April 1.
While we as a staff have enjoyed building this issue due to the creative liberties we can take, we wanted to note as a staff the importance of taking the time to check the information that is presented. That also includes occasionally cross-referencing information with multiple sources because of how quickly the truth can be lost in the sea of lies and falsehoods. It is much more time consuming to do this, but people will be much better off and more rounded as individuals. In short, take the time to check the information being shared around the internet because the truth gets lost quite easily.
The Schoolcraft Connection staff