To change Halloween or not

There is talk about the possibility of changing the date of Halloween from the traditional Oct. 31 to the last Saturday of October in order to accommodate the schedules of parents, give more time to trick or treat and some even feel it would be safer. According to, a petition has been circulating and as of August 2019, has acquired more than 63,000 signatures- and counting.
While the potential of changing the day might be positive, some people feel a little salty towards the idea being that it has been a longtime tradition, fearing that it might lose the excitement and meaning that is behind the holiday all together.
For most, the memories of Halloween are associated with having parties in elementary school, dressing up in costumes with classmates and having fun trick-or-treating during class time. For others, it’s associating the simple number of 31 with jack-o-lanterns and skeletons; pretty much anything spooky. Then again, as soon as October hits, let alone the 31st, countless people become awash with spooky vibes. Either way, they might be thinking, “Halloween waits for no one.”
While many aren’t itching for Halloween to be changed, there are benefits of being held on a Saturday night. Having Halloween parties or late-night trick-or-treating on a week night isn’t the best thing for little kids and they might think, “I wish today was a weekend so I could stay up late.”
Moreover, trick-or-treaters could start earlier and celebrate longer, not worrying about going to school or work the next morning. In addition, more adults are likely to be present, reducing the chance of accidents or injuries on Halloween.
Though it is a shame since Halloween has been on the 31st for so long, the change does have more benefits than negatives.
What are your thoughts on changing the date of Halloween?
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The Schoolcraft Connection Editorial Team