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Hello again, readers! I’m thrilled to be returning for another year with our student newspaper as Managing Editor. This publication has been the greatest blessing for my college career and my personal growth. Through the Connection, I have learned useful articulation tools to discuss various topics, some of interest and others merely of importance, to engage readers. As Managing Editor, I am privileged to do all of the tasks that I have thoroughly enjoyed since becoming an editor. This includes writing, helping staff to improve their craft and creating memories with the greatest friends I’ve ever known.
As a student, I continue to pursue my Associates in Science and my Nurse Assisting certification. My ultimate goals are to earn my bachelor’s in Biology from Wayne State University and to attend their medical school to become a physician. In addition to my academic pursuits, I also volunteer at a local nursing home and hospice to develop my interpersonal skills as a future healthcare provider.
Many might assume that because I was born with a condition known as “Spina Bifida,” that medicine would be the obvious and automatic career choice. Interestingly enough, this was not always the case. I originally wanted to pursue journalism, but it was after another blessing in disguise altered my life’s path and coming to Schoolcraft, that I decided to live the dream here. This odd blessing was a life-threatening infection called “Necrotizing Fasciitis” and it led to having 6 surgeries, 2 years of attempting to heal an open wound and my greatest miracle: My medical team. My nurses and doctors didn’t only save my life, they changed it for the better. Almost 5 years later, I still hold every memory close and feel the ghost of every healing touch. I use those times and their presence as motivation to climb this academic Mount Everest. Now, my most sincere goal is to follow in their footsteps and heal others too. Until I reach my summit, I continue to live the dream at Schoolcraft College and grow alongside other Ocelots.

You can contact Madison at [email protected]

Madison Ling, Managing Editor

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