Ocelot Opinions: If you could be in any horror movie, which would it be and why?

De’Ernest Johnson, Staff Writer

Asia Catching
Major: Culinary Arts
“I would be in Scary Movie 5, 13 Candles and Chucky, all because it would be easy to kill the killer.”
Curtis Tamlin Jr.
Major: Business Management
“I would be in Child’s Play because it would be easy to kill Chucky; all I got to do is kick him or throw him in the fire, then problem solved.”
Eryn Hutchins
Major: Graphic Design
“I would be in Get Out, simply because all I would have to do is get out the house. I could do it because I’m a woman and I’m smarter.”
Kennedy & Emani
Major: Physical Therapy (Kennedy), Psychology (Emani)
“Child’s Play because it would be easy to kill chucky just set him on fire, kick it, then he done and the movies over nobody had to die.”
Tyler Woodbery
Major: Marketing
“I would be in Insidious, the first one, just to see what it would feel like to be in those situations.”
Armando Saucedo
Major: Undecided
“I would be in Saw, Freddy Kruger and IT. I would be in Freddy Kruger because I don’t like his face and the others just seem interesting.”

Interviews and photos by De’Ernest Johnson (Staff Writer) & Armando Saucedo (Videographer)