Celebrate Dia de los Muertos


Anthony Magewick, Staff Writer

Get ready for the Ghost Supper this Wednesday, in LA475 Oct. 30 from 1 to 2:20 p.m. Bring a food that was favored by a relative you knew and come on down to enjoy festivities on the day of the dead with your ancestors of old. Enjoy a special movie showing of Food for the Ancestors as well.
The Ghost Supper is in honor of the Mexican and Native American holiday Dia de los Muertos. Since days long ago past, people believed that death was merely a transition and Oct. 30 was a day of reunion when the spirits of the dead would return and spend time with family they left behind.
Those amongst the living would bring food and drink in an act of family affection. The Native Americans offered similar tokens of affection during this time when they offered the dead with food and herbs as tribute and to ensure their safe travel to the next world.
Anyone interested in Mexican and Native American culture is more than welcome to attend and celebrate the dearly departed relatives of your long family tree.
You are also welcome to bring pictures of beloved deceased relatives and/or a dish of their favorite food to honor them.
This event is sponsored by the Native American Club, Ditouras English 102, Schaumann Soc 209 and Roney-Hays Anth 211 courses.
For more information, contact the Student Activities Office at 734-462-4422 or email [email protected].