The importance of mental health and self-care

Mental Health. Those two words are almost taboo no matter where you go in the world; however, the stigma is beginning to be broken and the shame turned into strength as our society begins to open up about the importance of mental health.
Despite the many resources being made available and the encouragement to speak out rising, there are still so many people that feel the shame and embarrassment of talking about their mental state. This could range anywhere from depression and anxiety to something more serious. Whatever the case may be, the nervousness to talk about it is simply doing more harm than good.
Unfortunately, people may allow themselves to struggle and suffer for years, dealing with their mental health in private. It is important for those who are not challenged in this sense to recognize the fact that mental health can take on multiple forms, and as such, produce various symptoms.
Some symptoms for those challenged with mental health:

  • Fear or inability to speak to others about what is going on
  • Difficulty in seeking the help needed
  • Chronic fatigue and body aches which can mimic that of a common cold

Furthermore, mental health is as important as physical health and the two are closely linked. It’s not your fault if you have a mental health problem, nor is it a sign of weakness or something you can “just snap out of.” No matter your gender, creed or race, it’s OK to ask for help and get it. Having hope that life can improve and recover with the help of treatment opens the door to enjoy a happier and healthier life.
However, it is importance for those suffering from any form of mental health to remember that there is an incredible growing number of resources available to them and provide guidance in practicing self-care; you only need the courage to seek help. It is important to remember that your health, physical and mental, are your business alone until you are ready to welcome support from friends and family.
Once you are able to talk about what is happening, being both open and honest with those you trust most, the first block will fall in the dominos that is your mental health. Additionally, there is only strength in seeking trusted professional help. This can come in the form of therapy, medication, a good friend or a combination of it all. This might seem a bit overwhelming, so let us leave you with this last statement.
Mental health has become one of those social topics that stand their ground between being known and being acted upon. Within the last few decades mental health has seen a surge of awareness and education to the public, meaning more people (mainly younger folks) understand the inner workings of what mental illnesses are and how they operate. Acting upon this awareness is a different matter. It will take time, but whatever the case may be for you, there is only rest and relief at the end of this journey.
Take Care,
The Schoolcraft Connection Editorial Staff