One newspaper, one amazing year


Madison Ling, Campus Life Editor

When I think back to February, before joining the Connection, I’m overwhelmed with pride and gratitude for this newspaper and everyone associated with it. I was 18 years old, had never been employed and had a sense of fading confidence with every ‘no’ I received soon after an interview. The notion of ‘prior experience’ became a cruel paradox as I desperately wanted and needed someone to give me a chance to earn what employers were looking for. Right when I was at my lowest point, wondering if I would ever get that opportunity, was when I picked up the issue that changed it all.
My first thought as I flipped through the pages was ‘I could do this,’ and as fate would have it, an article directed me to winter School Daze to complete a form to be contacted about the next meeting. Some time passed and I nearly backed out due to the apprehension that this opportunity could slip through the cracks too.
It was when I received a call asking if I was still interested in joining that I decided to give it one last try. Looking back that was the best decision I ever made.
Through the Connection, I found a sense of confidence I never knew before and in turn, found myself and the wings that enabled me to soar as a journalist, student and friend. Mondays became my favorite day of the week as it became an opportunity to take on more challenging writing pieces and to expand the growing rapport, I had developed with editors that I still admire today.
When editor applications opened, I debated with myself about trying to advance and dive deeper into the publication that I had grown to love. I wanted to continue being a part of the Connection and to have the chance to support the upcoming generation as my editors did. I decided to push myself to submit the application and I hoped with all my heart for the honor to be part of the editorial team.
The memory of being chosen for this position fills me with the motivation necessary to build the best section and publication I can, to pass on my knowledge and advice to help staff improve and to be the greatest version of myself I can be. More than that, it reminds me to never take a single moment for granted as with each meeting, publication date and comical moment within the team, I feel the hour-glass counting down my remaining time at Schoolcraft faster than I can fathom.
In recognition of being with the Connection for an entire year, I would like to acknowledge those that inspire and support me in all endeavors and that make each day better than the last:
To our staff writers, thank you for the diligent work and effort you consistently put into improving the Connection. There’s no doubt in my mind that all of you will go far in your chosen fields with your talents and unique perspectives.
To my fellow editors and staff adviser, thank you for being the greatest friends, teachers and teammates I could have ever asked for. You inspire me to be the best writer and version of myself possible while reminding me to have fun and laugh often.
To the student body, thank you for picking up our newspaper and reading even if it’s only this issue.
Please know that there’s a place for you in any club, including the Connection, to become the best you possible and like me, to be a part of something you never knew you needed.