Never forgotten

College scholarship created to honor late employee


Ben Bolstrum, News editor

By all accounts, Ron Randall was a pillar of the Schoolcraft community. With 30 years of experience within its walls, Randall was a familiar face that students and staff alike knew they could rely on. That’s why after his death this past May 19 his wife, Sally Randall, wanted to give back to the college.
“I did not know him personally, but from discussions with his wife, son and daughter-in-law, as well as interviewing former colleagues and reading tributes that were written on the Funeral Home webpage, I feel almost as if I do,” states Christopher Kelly, Director of Major & Planned Giving at Schoolcraft. “Everyone describes him as having a wonderful sense of humor, good spirited and dedicated to the students of Schoolcraft College.”
Kelly explained that Randall joined Schoolcraft College in 1969 as a Public Safety Officer. He worked toward his associate degree by night, and studied at Madonna University to earn a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice before finishing with a master’s in Educational Leadership at Eastern Michigan University. He accomplished all of this while supporting his family and eventually became the Registrar of Schoolcraft College soon after completing his education.
“I remember stories he told about different students over the years,” states Christina Randall, daughter in-law of Ron and Schoolcraft alumna. “I could always tell when he had helped a student in a way he felt really made a difference in his or her life. He enjoyed the times I stopped in his office either for registration help or just to say hi. He took the time to understand what I was trying to achieve and he would make great recommendations for my success.”
Christina is not the only one in her family who feels this way. Her thoughts extend to her sister-in-law as well, who described the impact the late employee had on her by saying:
“Ron Randall introduced me to Schoolcraft College,” explained Michelle Randall, daughter-in-law of Ron and current Schoolcraft accounting professor. He encouraged her to pursue teaching. Advice she took to heart, beginning with an introductory accounting course.
“I loved teaching and that set me on my journey to becoming a full-time professor here at Schoolcraft. I remember the best advice he gave me about teaching. He said, ‘think about all the great teachers you had and copy that!’ He reinforced the importance of connecting with the students and working toward helping them achieve success.”
Sally and the rest of her family chose to honor Ron by creating a scholarship program at Schoolcraft, citing the campus as part of their family due to the time and impact he left on the campus. After she made the initial contribution to begin the scholarship this year, friends, family and former colleagues soon followed suit to honor Randall’s legacy.
As the creator of the Ron Randall Scholarship, Sally chose the following guidelines to ensure this opportunity would go to students who need it.
For one, the applicant must be a student in their second year of their program of study, with the goal to complete a certification program, or earn their degree (to transfer onto complete a 4-year program). Their ultimate goal should be working toward a full-time career. Candidates should be studying in Accounting, Biomedical Engineering, Business Administration, Culinary Arts, Criminal Justice, Fire Technology, EMT or Nursing.
Finally, since Randall was very serious about his education, contenders should carry a minimum GPA of 3.0 to qualify as well. Once awarded, candidates will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship ($500 per semester) that can be used for tuition, fees and books.
Managed by the Schoolcraft College Foundation, the Randall family hopes this scholarship lasts forever in perpetuity, just as the memory of Ron Randall will for all who crossed his path.
Contributions to fund the scholarship made in Randall’s honor are handled through the Schoolcraft College Foundation.
For more information on how to donate contact the Foundation at (734) 462-4455 or [email protected].