To the virtual stage

Schoolcraft theatre presents “Alone/Together”


Ben Bolstrum, Managing Editor

Grab your scripts and costumes thespians because the Schoolcraft Theatre Department is back after a yearlong hiatus due to the pandemic.

“Alone/Together” is an original play from the minds of Michael Alan Herman and Joseph Zettelmaier that is now available for audience viewing, after being prerecorded in the James R. Hartman Theatre on Schoolcraft’s Livonia campus. Spectators should act fast, however, due to the fact that the link to this production will only be available from March 8 to 15. After the week of March 8, the video will be removed.

“Alone/Together” is a story about separation, introspection and self-discovery. The bulk of this runtime covers the story of six individuals from vastly different walks of life, following them as they cope with COVID.

Directed by Paul Beer and with Nicole Levine as stage manager, “Alone/Together” has a star-studded cast including Destinee Palazzolo as Annabelle, Parker Miles as Anthony, Sarah Doty as Lynn, Hassan Chammout as Arthur, Sophia Tyler as Joyce Peters and Mycarra Whorton as Charlie.

Anabelle is a Victorian era ghost who haunts the grounds of her previous home where Sadie Andrews now resides. The two don’t get along, one-sided as their relationship may be, but their turbulent story holds significant meaning in the time of COVID.

Anthony is a man head over heels for his girlfriend Claire. This relationship is tested when lockdown begins and they are stuck in two different locations, a very real scenario for many students living through the pandemic.

Lynn is feeling the full effects of the quarantine and spends her day glued to her couch and TV for hours before going to sleep each night and repeating this process the next day, a loop many are now familiar with.

Arthur loves Halloween. It’s his favorite holiday and he spends all year in preparation for it. He fears that the lockdown has thrown a wrench in his plans for his favorite spooky holiday like so many others who had plans affected by the pandemic.

Joyce Peters is a photographer’s assistant who is wrapped up in a wild adventure due to the circumstances around COVID and soul-searching. The absurdity of her situation is the new normal as this unexplored territory is parsed.

Charlie is an astronaut floating through space while the rest of the Earth deals with COVID due to some unforeseen circumstances. The most isolated human being in existence ruminates on this concept.

This is not an experience to be missed. After close to a yearlong hiatus, the Schoolcraft Theatre Department is returning in a way more relevant than ever. Come observe the trials and tribulations explored in “Alone/Together” and remember that COVID doesn’t need to be a one person show.

To watch the full 52:10 runtime of this production, click here.