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CEPD changes name to PPL


Ben Bolstrum, Editor-in-chief

Once known as the Continuing Education Services (CES), this department served the Schoolcraft community for years in class registration. They continued to do so when they would later change their name to Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPD) in 2006. This name would persist for 15 years, but was eventually considered outdated and confusing for people searching for non-credit classes. That is why the department is now known as Personal and Professional Learning (PPL)

PPL has not only received a rebooted name, but a new logo has also been created to represent this next chapter:

“In the new logo, you’ll notice that the Schoolcraft College bell tower extends beyond the circle.” Explains Jodie Beckley, director of PPL. “This is symbolic of our belief that the possibilities for the future are boundless. Personal and Professional Learning offers both in-person classes and virtual classes so that we can reach as broad an audience as possible.” She elaborates that a student in California was able to complete a Digital Sculpting class because they were able to use the virtual format. At the end of the class when a showcase was held, the Californian student was able to attend over Zoom while most attended in person.

The name change was announced to all PPL students by sending out bright orange postcards with the addition of a QR code. This code offers students the opportunity of a free class that will be raffled off. Those who don’t have access to the QR code can still submit their application by going to the PPL website and learn more about the classes that are offered so the PPL department can gauge interest in this class raffle. This contest may be entered up to Jul. 8.

“PPL is aligned with the current mission of Schoolcraft College.” Explains Beckley. “ ‘to provide a transformational learning experience designed to increase the capacity of individuals and groups to achieve intellectual, social, and economic goals’  You can see this alignment in our tagline, ‘Enriching Minds. Transforming Lives.’ ”

The last addition to PPL is their recent partnership with  IT. This joint effort aims to further understand the history of students who attend Schoolcraft College. 286,767 students have enrolled since 1975. 21,425 (7.5%) used PPL before taking credit classes which is a great way to explore everything that Schoolcraft college has to offer.

Any questions about PPL can be sent to to [email protected].