New and Improved

Ocelot Access replaces WebAdvisor


Matthew Kern, Staff Writer

If you tried to log in to WebAdvisor, you might have noticed something a bit different. The WebAdvisor tab has been replaced.

Welcome to your new stomping grounds, Ocelots! Ocelot Access has been implemented as the new site to replace WebAdvisor. The site will perform all the same functions as WebAdvisor – such as registering and paying for classes, managing financial aid, checking credits and more – but will now be available through an optimized site available directly through the Schoolcraft website.

In a YouTube video about the new site, Chief Student Enrollment Officer, Melissa Schultz, tells students, “We’ve been crafting a new tool to make your lives easier, we’re replacing WebAdvisor with Ocelot Access. It has all the original functionality you had before and more. We want to enhance your usability and access when registering, navigating financial aid, checking progress toward your degree and much more.”

One of the advantages of the new site is that it is linked directly to the Schoolcraft main site. It is also linked to Blackboard, so all academic information can be handled through one account. This means the same login and password students use to access Blackboard can be used to enter Ocelot Access.

Students can also view important information and reminders directly from Blackboard on their Ocelot Access dashboard. “Now, you only have to log in once using your username and password,” says Chief Student Enrollment Officer and Student Success, Melissa Schultz, “As you will see, Ocelot Access has everything you need. You will find personalized cards to guide you from enrolling in your first class to graduation.”

The other great advantage of the new site is its personalized dashboard. On the homepage, students will find personalized cards with their student information, quick links to Blackboard, as well as registration and graduation sites. The Ocelot homepage also has widgets for displaying the students’ class schedule, accessing the library and the bookstore, and even tax information. Best of all, the dashboard can be personalized so that every student can optimize their ease of accessing the site’s services.

“From a student perspective, Ocelot Access is much more convenient and easier to navigate since all our tools are in one place,” states student Madison Ling. “The fact that it’s mobile friendly is also a huge bonus. From the perspective of a student assistant who works in registration, I expect and hope that it will enhance the customer experience because it reduces confusion and frustration when navigating between multiple sites and it’s less login information to remember!”

Ocelot Access will be a welcome upgrade from WebAdvisor, enhancing the features of the old site to make the overall process of being a student here at Schoolcraft that much simpler. Students who have questions about the site can contact the Answer Center at 734- 462-4426 or can hear Schultz speak about it here: