Let’s Play

School Daze fall festival brings food, fun and excitement to campus


Ben Bolstrum, Managing Editor

If one thing is certain, when classes begin, School Daze is soon to follow.

This annual event produced  by the Student Activities Office (SAO) gives the college community a chance to see everything the campus has to offer from clubs, events, food and beyond.

This year School Daze takes place  Sept. 19 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the Mercy Elite Sports Center with some changes to the layout of the event that students are sure to enjoy. 

“It’s our kickoff after the kickoff of the new year,” said Todd Stowell, Director of the Student Activities Office. “This is an extra opportunity for students to get involved with extra curriculars. Our main goal for this event is to recruit to these student clubs and organizations. Some of these other attractions are to reach out to more people on campus.”

Attendees can expect a wealth of new activities to enjoy this year. 

Grab a 50 cent hot dog along with some 25 cent chips and see what the campus has to offer, including a wide variety of clubs looking for new members, games with prizes on the main stage, Pickleball, Flag Football, volleyball, free sneak preview movie passes, henna tattoos, psychics, a caricature artist, 10 minute chair massages, axe throwing and a free escape room. 

With the midterm election right around the corner, the League of Women Voters will be registering students to vote as well.

School Daze is all about celebrating variety and diversity which is why “The Humanity Project: Diverse Dialogues and Experiences” was made possible with the collaboration between the Bradner Library, Learning Support Services, Student Activities, and the STARS DEI Leadership Program This initiative aims to connect people with interesting and relevant stories in an event known as a ‘human library,’ where attendees can ask volunteers serving as “living books,” questions about their life experience.

Student leaders find this a great opportunity to connect with students and help them get more involved outside the classroom, whether it be social or academic.

“I’m just really looking forward to reconnecting with students and just seeing what’s in store for the year. It’s a great way to see what Schoolcraft has to offer,” said President of the Student Activities Board, Keenan Lowe. “We’re working on reconnecting with the students and having events that are worthwhile, that students actually enjoy … There’s more than just going to class doing homework and going home.”

The Lower Waterman is beginning to fill up with students as clubs pick up the pace for the fall semester. There’s a lot to offer and School Daze creates the perfect opportunity to kickstart that. One such way includes the Schoolcraft Connection, which is actively looking for new members.

“I personally have gotten a lot out of being involved with Schoolcraft working as a student employee, so I definitely think it would be a valuable thing for students to go to,” said Kat Wenske, Editor-in-Chief of the Schoolcraft Connection. “We’re trying to get more students involved and I think students would definitely enjoy what we have here.”

With events occurring all over campus, it helps to be aware that the campus community is a safe space for all people. That’s what Gray Ramirez, president of Safe Place, strives to ensure with his club. Schoolcraft is a safe space for everyone on campus of any race, sex, orientation, creed or other backgrounds.

“We’ll actually be doing outreach to different communities along with having our actual office be a literal, safe place where anyone can basically have anything that they need being food, hygiene products, et cetera,” said Ramirez. “Learn about as many clubs as you can, you’ll never know what you’re gonna find there.”

These are only a few of the several clubs that can be found in the SAO. School Daze allows for students to enhance their campus life with countless clubs that can fit any niche. Beyond that, if there’s a club missing, it can always be created by passionate students looking to make a difference.

Stop by to the Mercy Elite Sports Center  this Monday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and check School Daze out. For more information on this event, contact the Student Activities Office at 734-462-4422.