Old friends and new beginnings


Graduating Editors from left to right Armando Saucedo, Nolan Gerou Ben Bolstrum and Marissa Getschman pose for a photo together. All four will be moving on starting this fall from the staff.

Schoolcraft continues to serve as the perfect stepping stone between grade school and the real world, be it before stepping into the workforce or transferring to a University. Growing up is scary, but this school especially offers a safe haven to do so without fearing the process or comparing one’s own progress to those around them. College allows individuals of all ages to do some major self exploration and to make Connections (pun absolutely intended) that will last beyond the stream. 

The best advice for incoming freshmen and returning students alike is to enjoy the ride. Take the chance to breathe and forge friendships. Life is short, so live a little! 

The opportunity available here is unrivaled. Many students intend a quick two year excursion leading to a diploma, but for many, those years add up, incited by the possibilities made available. The true college experience is more than classes and professors, but also the time in between it. Don’t let your collegiate experience end in the classroom. Head down to Student Activities in the Vistatech Center, attend an event, join a club, start your own! Make memories with friends, passions and dreams.

These years have the capacity to completely change your life. There are a wide variety of people that walk the same halls every day, interacting with these people teaches that nobody is above anybody, therefore they also aren’t below you. Humility and humbleness is one of the key lessons learned leaving this school, realizing that everybody has a story and there is no main character to life. There is a base level of teamwork and comradery that is felt. 

With that in mind, the next thing that can be seen and learned is people standing up for themselves on their own two feet. Independence is not the opposite of teamwork, rather the ideal that strengthens the bonds between friends, coworkers and classmates. It is important and almost guaranteed that a student finds who they really are – their independence – through the people they meet here at Schoolcraft. 

With graduation being so close, there comes a time where you have to look back at what you’ve learned, and how it reflects on the past to see whether you’ve made a good enough impact on the people around you as they have vice versa. Make sure that impact is felt around you as much as you feel it and keep that Ocelot spirit alive.