A pillar of the community, never forgotten

The Schoolcraft community says goodbye to Dr. Conway Jeffress


Ben Bolstrum, Managing Editor

In 2020 Schoolcraft College  said goodbye to Dr. Conway Jeffress when he retired from his position as Schoolcraft President. With the unfortunate news of his passing last month on Feb. 13, we must say goodbye one more time.

Dr Jeffress became an Ocelot in 1982 when he became Vice President of Instruction, prior to succeeding President Richard McDowell in 2001: making him the fourth president of Schoolcraft. Throughout his 19 years of service as president of the college, Dr. Jeffress was lauded across campus for the care he took in providing students a proper education. His influence and legacy is still felt today with additions such as Vistatech, the Biomedical Technology Center, Fitness Center, Public Safety Training Complex and the aptly named Jeffress Center.

A celebration of life was held on March 7 where over hundreds of people showed their support for Dr. Jeffress both online and in person. Those in attendance included former President McDowell and current President Dr. Glenn Cerny, who served as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer under Dr. Jeffress. 

The state of Michigan as a whole has felt this loss, with Brandy Johnson, President of Michigan Community College Association also in attendance, who delivered a written message from Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who imparted her own condolences.

When going about his day at Schoolcraft, Dr. Jeffress was well known by both students and faculty for his positive, quiet and humorous attitude. He knew how to navigate the student body in a way that was supportive, practical and endearing. His legacy within Schoolcraft has been cemented, and his contributions will continue to serve the community for years to come. 

He will truly be missed.