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Vistatech Center completes renovations, opening with expanded amenities
Izabella Allie
The Collaborative Learning Studio, a designated classroom for precursors of courses and additional kitchens for the Culinary Arts program to utilize, was one of the new additions to the Vistatech Center.

 This time last year portions of the Vistatech Center were closed as construction began on some much needed updates to the appearance, as well as renovations to provide students and the rest of the community more places to meet, relax and learn. As predicted, the front half of the building reopened its doors this fall 2023 semester. 

Visitors can now walk through the newly renovated north entrance as the final touches are being added. The official grand opening ceremony and ribbon cutting is expected to happen Sept. 21 at 4 p.m.

“This investment is an opportunity to support the forward-thinking vision for students and the community served by Schoolcraft College,” said past President of the Schoolcraft Foundation Board of Governors Lois McEntyre from the Schoolcraft Website. “This is the largest single grant commitment made through our Vision 2025 Campaign and a way for the College to leverage this support for future investments.” 

The Ocelot Grille housed inside the the Brew Pub will feature a variety of freshly brewed beers made by Schoolcraft students and a delectable menu of food to select from. (Photo courtesy of Schoolcraft College)

To recap from the Vistatech 2.0 story published in Sept 2022, the renovations include the Main Street Cafe, modernizing the American Harvest Restaurant and its operations, adding what is titled as the Collaborative Learning Studio, a designated classroom for precursors of courses and additional kitchens for the Culinary Arts Programs to utilize. A later planned renovation was a kitchen designated to the new Ocelot Grille, attached to the Brew Pub in American Harvest, to reduce interference of the course work during restaurant operations. 

“The feedback has been tremendous. The open air approach to showcasing [these additions and renovations] as you walk into Vistatech provides a great experience,” said Schoolcraft College President Dr. Glenn Cerny. “The seating areas in the pre-function area off the Kehrl Auditorium and adjacent to the Frank Angileri Center will provide students and the community excellent places to collaborate, relax or enjoy the great amenities that will be available through the Culinary Operations department.”

Collaboration is the main theme of the renovations, leaving nobody left behind and all a part of the conversation. 

Dr. Cerny, Executive Chef and Culinary Arts Program Coordinator Chris Misiak, the Culinary Operations Department, instructors and chefs who will be utilizing these spaces, students and the contractors have all been included in this project. The community, specifically, is also never forgotten and Schoolcraft prioritizes accessibility and usability for the public in efforts to give back. 

“We always look at the student perspective, but we never forget about the community perspective and we are always doing things to help give back to the community,” said Chef Misiak. “[For example,]There are volleyball and racquetball courts, swimming, [The Fitness Center] and our additional give back to the community is the revamped restaurant; selling things [at reduced prices without taking away the quality of the food.]” 

Due to this collaboration, communication really propelled the Vistatech Center construction plan with minimal changes. Great weather was a contributing factor for how quickly the renovations were completed, with a big portion of the construction being catapulted were pre-ordering items and materials that were long lead in order to get them when needed. 

Soon, the Vistatech Center will be filled with fresh smells carrying through the hallways, alluring students, staff and the community. These renovations were motivated by the notion to further serve and give back, and provide students so many more opportunities to learn, relax and enjoy. With this now elevated atmosphere, there is no doubt the community will come to support and love. 

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