Film Frenzy

10th annual Schoolcraft Film Challenge looking for participants

Madison Ling, Managing Editor

Are you a Computers Graphics Technology major? How about someone who simply has a passion for directing and filming? You’re in luck because Schoolcraft College’s Film Challenge is back and accepting applications for the upcoming competition that starts Nov. 13.

“The goals are to make a film and have it screened to a live audience within 48 hours.
Each team must include a prop and line of dialogue that we will announce on November Friday at the start of the challenge.” states spokesman, Jeremy Salo, regarding the event.

Rules for Participation

Although there is no registration fee for participation in this year’s challenge, there is required paperwork and procedures that must be followed to be eligible for involvement in the challenge. Representatives from each team must attend the live briefing Nov. 13 at 7 p.m. on the official YouTube channel to learn what props and what line must appear, exactly as directed, in their video. Groups will only be eligible for awards if their video or animation successfully meets the criteria discussed in this meeting.

“It is our 10th year doing this. It is free to register your team and to watch the live screening. The event will also be open to the public and teams can be as small or big as you would like.” Salo explained.

There will also be a necessary paper trail for all teams to follow and complete for the submission. For example, the team producer must sign a “Compliance with the Rules” form and all members involved in the film’s scenes must sign and submit a Participation Agreement to signify that they participated voluntarily. All forms must be turned in to an official Film Challenge representative by Nov. 15 at 5 p.m.

Film regulations

During the filming process, there are also provisions that teams must follow to be eligible for awards and film viewing. The most important rule for this challenge is that everyone must follow COVID-19 precautions. This includes social distancing, wearing masks when closer than 6 feet and withholding participation if the individual has been near someone who has had the virus if they are symptomatic or if they have received a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. It’s also imperative that teams do not visit the Schoolcraft campus at all for recording.

All equipment used to make the film is fair, but it must be the producer’s own resources. The size of the team is also unlimited, and any genre will be allowed for the challenge. However, students must exercise proper discretion for the content of their films. This means that they should censor foul language, avoid indecent clothing or lack thereof and should follow Schoolcraft’s listed policies, which are available on the college’s website. Any team that does not meet these expectations will be excluded from film awards and viewing.

Film Submission

It’s the responsibility of each team to ensure that their submission is free of any watch ability errors, including a lack of sound. Teams must have the rights to any music used in films and are encouraged to work with local composers and/or musicians to produce music for their projects. However, teams may use pre-recorded music, but they need to have a signed release to do so. The final running length of films, including the required credits, should not exceed seven minutes. In addition, students must also include the following citation in their credits: “This film was made as part of the Schoolcraft Film Challenge 2020.”

“You can learn a lot making a short film in less than 48 hours. The deadline also ensures it gets done and is part of the challenge. It is also great fun and a networking experience. We have many sponsors with around $1,000 total of cash and services awarded as prizes. Teams will have their films reviewed by industry professionals which judge the challenge.” Salo concluded.

Students should upload their videos to the Schoolcraft Film Challenge YouTube channel using the email address provided during registration and the file must include the team name, film name and the current year. Lastly, video permissions should be unlisted since films will not be released for viewing until after the screening Nov. 15 at 7 p.m. Finally, the distribution of the monetary prize among team members will be at their own discretion.

Good luck to all who participate in this year’s challenge and have fun!

For more information, please contact Jeremy Salo at [email protected]. Teams or viewers may join this event by visiting