Lost cause of lamentation


Madison Ling, Managing Editor

Gazing from the Bradner Library’s window (prior to the most recent shutdown), the pandemic is nonexistent and nearly everything is

right in the world once again. If I look intently enough, I can recall a time where there were no

masks, no COVID-19 and no uncertainty.

Yet, this imaginative state still causes my memory of our bustling den to feel so distant. The

buildings, the vegetation and our beloved Ocelot shrine – It’s all here, but no one is home and it’s

sorrowful to see. Can you remember the statue I speak of, hear the personable hum of Henry’s

staff and smell the warm invitation of popcorn in Student Activities?

Though I’m aware of the impact the virus continues to have as infection and death rates rise, it’s

difficult to subdue the forlorn, simmering frustration I have inside. Perhaps, this is the most

challenging part of quarantine – Being separated from our home, isolated from friends and stolen

from the events held close because of an invisible invasion. The clarity of a logical solution to

keeping everyone healthy is lost when I think this way, so I must turn in another direction, focus

on what has stood the test and share it with you in good faith that we will meet again.

Our doors are still open, albeit they are designated and monitored. The services we depend upon

for success: the Learning Center, the Bradner Library and the faculty’s office hours are still

available through safely calculated measures and the occasional glass screen. Best of all, the

Connection remains alive and well, albeit from an online platform. We’re still writing, keeping

you updated and doing our best to bring joy into everyone’s home every third Friday through

JackBox games. It may not be the same or nearly enough, but it’s something.

So, instead of focusing on all the uncomfortable and forced changes imposed from COVID-19,

rejoice in the altered consistencies that have persevered despite it. It’s all a reminder for me, and

you that the Ocelot spirit will never be stifled. Someday soon, we’ll be here together again. Until

then, I leave you with three things to focus on:

(1) Being grateful

(2) Maintaining hope

(3) Spreading Ocelot pride.