From workbench to classroom

Dennis Fohey joins the ranks as full-time instructor


Madison Ling, Campus Life Editor

Schoolcraft is proud to announce a new ocelot into its pride.

Dennis Fohey joined the ranks of full-time instructor in the Metallurgy and Material Science program. Although a relatively familiar face to the campus as a former part-time educator, Fohey has certainly excelled in his field, especially to have been chosen among a total of 7 potential candidates vying for the position. Upon securing the job, it was announced Nov. 19 that he would be climbing the ranks at the new Manufacturing and Engineering Center.

“I’ve worked for over 30 years in the automotive industry in a variety of different roles. I learned the importance of Metallurgy and Materials Science early on. In each role, the properties of the materials selected, and the influence of the manufacturing process were key to product performance,” Fohey stated.

In addition to having completed the Metallurgy Post Associate Certificate and teaching in the Metallurgy Program since 2014 part-time, Fohey’s experience extends far beyond the classroom and into the plastics and metallurgy industries. This has certainly made him an incredibly competent craftsman and educator for young people to learn from.

For example, he has worked in the roles of Test Technician, Test Engineer, Simulation Engineer, Validation Manager and Materials Lab Manager. He explained that his experience entailed time spent working at GM for over 10 years, developing test methods and performing tests for various components, sub systems and full vehicles. Later, he worked for a Tier I supplier developing truck frames, engine cradles and various suspension components.

Workbench to the classroom

As for how he came to be an educator, Fohey summed it up to his involvement in cross training colleagues in product development and validation. He found the experience of supporting others’ development to be extremely rewarding and felt strongly that teaching at Schoolcraft would be an excellent opportunity to give back to the community.

“I try to take a very practical approach to the courses I teach and give real world examples of how topics relate to industrial situations,” Fohey commented. “I enjoy teaching students who really see the huge opportunities that surround us here in southeastern Michigan and I hope to continue to grow as an individual while supporting others in the program.”

Fohey brings not only the knowledge and enthusiasm for his craft but the real-world experience as well.

“Dennis has worked very hard to update the lab, reset the equipment after we moved to the MEC this past summer. He has taken on many leadership responsibilities even before being appointed to this position and brings years of industry experience and enthusiasm,” Associate Dean of Occupational Programs, Engineering and Technology, Amy Jones, commented in regard to Fohey’s recent appointment.

As the Associate Dean, Jones explained that her roles entail overseeing all the MEC programs along with the main campuses’ computer technology programs and cultivating the partnerships between faculty, staff, local businesses/K-12 programs. Doing so allows the college to forge new pathways for students going into secondary education and ensure that the most relevant equipment and curriculum to enhance their employability is available.

“We are looking forward to seeing what he can do overseeing metallurgy and the plastics technology programs as a full-time instructor.” Jones concluded.

For more information about the Manufacturing & Technology program areas of study, go to this link. For specific information regarding the Metallurgy and Material Sciences click here.