Defacing prejudice

Student Activities and Michigan United to host screening of “Coded Bias” on April 12


Madison Ling, Campus Life Editor

Mankind is imperfect; it’s in our nature to make mistakes that can be described as discriminatory, biased or even unlawful. Such instances can be observed throughout history with slavery and segregation as prime examples. However, society can be thankful that we’ve evolved into the habit of correcting these misdeeds through analytical events such as the upcoming Student Activities and Michigan United hosted screening of “Coded Bias” April 12 at 6:30 p.m.

This virtual screening on Zoom will examine the prejudice behind facial recognition algorithms and the harm the artificial intelligence (AI) can pose upon civil liberties because of it.

“Our hope is to raise awareness about surveillance and the built-in bias inherent in computer coding for surveillance software. This is a part of American history and therefore, it’s important to explore its origin and its contemporary use today,” states Psychology instructor and fellow organizer, Deborah Burke. “The overall goal is to engage participants in an honest conversation and to instill a broader understanding of the history of surveillance and a critical lens with which to view this issue.”

After viewing, participants will have the opportunity for reflection amongst a panel of professionals. This panel will consist of Dr. Lisa Jackson (Schoolcraft professor of Psychology and Ann Arbor’s chair for police civilian Oversight State law enforcement Commission), Eric Williams (Managing attorney of the Detroit Justice Center) and Dr, Peter Hammer (Director of Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights).

It’s important to continue to recognize the biases which we and significant organizations hold so that we can right the wrongs made in the past for a better future. Don’t miss the opportunity to educate yourself and partake in an engaging discussion April 12.

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Meeting ID: 853 9888 5614

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For more information about this event, please contact the Student Activities Office (SAO) at 734-462-4422 or [email protected].