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The power of love
The power of love
July 2, 2024

Coach suspension catastrophe

Is there an actual purpose behind suspending an athletic coach?

A very frequent topic we’re reminded of is suspending an athletic coach. This has been seen before but not as much as we’ve seen it lately. 

If you keep up with sports news, you may find new suspensions every week or so. It naturally causes you to think, why would they do that? 

Coaches have a big role and are very influential on their athletes, so when a coach fails their team, it ruins the team morale. It can be hard to want to play when you are reminded of your coach’s wrongdoing. 

What’s not fair is that athletes are now losing games because of the disconnect of their team. 

The best teams or star players look different after such an event. While the athletes themselves play a huge role in a team because of their performances, a coach is just as essential. When you can’t seem to perfect something, you likely lean to your coach for guidance or advice. If that person isn’t there, you naturally feel off and can’t get out of that funk. 

There have always been issues with this matter dating back, but a semi-recent 2004 Sports Law article had some opinions. 

It was questioned, “What should become of the coach during that time? “ 

People must be wondering if the coach will actually learn from their mistake, you would hope so, but who really knows. 

According to an article published in the Coaches Report in 2005, it states, “The interruption of the employee’s work must be imposed for only a relatively short period of time that is prescribed in advance.” 

This might seem like a drastic matter but in a sports organization, it’s the most appropriate response for non-tolerated behavior. When someone else’s safety and well-being is put in jeopardy, it unfortunately becomes necessary to remove that individual even if they are good at what they do. 

Additionally in the article it stated, “Unfortunately, there are times when coaches are the subject of serious complaints of misconduct.” 

Based on what happened, the organization is advised to give the coach a suspension until the matter can be further investigated and hopefully resolved. 

As mentioned before when a coach does something illegal or wrong, it hurts the athletes. A coach is a role model and when they let you down it’s hard to forget that. Additionally, we think about the question, do coaches actually learn and is it worthwhile to suspend them? Or just the opposite, do they spend their time off enjoying themselves and laughing at the matter? 

You would hope not, but not everyone has good intentions and may be trying to be malicious. Of course we want to believe that there was no bad intention but sadly that’s not always the case. Suspension as said before can ruin the teams morale and even winning streak which is definitely not fair considering the athletes aren’t at fault. 

The issue is ongoing and unfortunately, it’s likely to happen again because it seems to be taking over the current news in sports. 

We as viewers have to be there for athletes, especially if they are your family. More importantly if we have feelings about the issue it’s best to keep to yourself because you don’t know who will read that or what effect it has on someone else. They could really be struggling and need that support system because they don’t have that from their coach any longer. 

A team feeling united and together as one helps to create a unique bond between a team. When that is destroyed, it takes awhile to heal and feel like a “family again.” 

In life we are always reminded to do the right thing and not to destroy what’s already good. 

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Isabelle Richmond
Hi, my name is Isabelle! I am the sports writer here at Schoolcraft Connection! Currently I’m attending Stevenson High School and I work here as an intern. Next year I plan on attending Michigan State University to study Journalism and/or Communications. Joining the Connection has really taught me a lot and I’m beyond glad that this opportunity was presented to me. Outside of writing about sports, you’ll typically find me watching sports or at a sporting event. Aside from my deep love for sports… I love to be by the lake during the summer, watch sunsets, go camping and spend lots of time with my friends and family. I would consider myself an outgoing person so I’m always up for trying new things and going on fun adventures.

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