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Dare to be

National conference supports future female leaders
The 2022/23 NCCWSL Schoolcraft representatives (Left to right) Xhesika Luarasi, Izabella Allie, Kathryn Wenske, Advisor Rhonda Donovan, Melia Connors, Sabrina Morrison, and Jennifer Laporte photographed during the conference last May. (photo courtesy of Xhesika Luarasi)

If you are a female Schoolcraft student leader and enjoy networking with staff and students, the NCCWSL (The National Conference for College Women Student Leaders) might be something to consider. 

Thanks to a generous donation by AAUW of Northville and Livonia, Schoolcraft students are able to take a flight to Maryland for the conference.
(Izabella Allie)

Every year, The American Association of University Women (AAUW Northville & Livonia chapters) makes generous financial contributions in the form of attendance scholarships to Schoolcraft women. Their generosity sends a handful of these students to Maryland, alongside advisor Rhonda Donovan, each year completely free of charge. The lucky ladies of 2023 were students Xhesika Luarasi, Izabella Allie, Kathryn Wenske, Melia Connors, Sabrina Morrison and Jennifer Laporte. 

Getting there is half the fun! Thanks to AAUW of Northville and Livonia, Schoolcraft students take a flight to Maryland. As a recipient of this experience, traveling to NCCSWL was easy and enjoyable. Oftentimes, traveling in large groups can be stressful. Luckily for us, Rhonda had this all sorted out beforehand. I was massively impressed by both her organization as well as the customer service at both airports. 

Once we arrived in Maryland, we had to use the Metro as our primary transportation: something I have never experienced and did not know what to expect. As it turns out, the Metro Station has gorgeous architecture!

Each year, The University of Maryland teams up with NCCSWL to provide housing and meals. Should you attend, you will be in good hands. I was astounded by the variety of food options. The breakfasts included bagels, eggs, cereals, fruit and more. The lunches and dinners always included a vegetarian option! There will be many options for you, no matter your preferences or allergies.

NCCWSL has an app called that aids in easy navigation at the conference. No matter if you are deciding on a panel, wondering what time breakfast is, or even looking for details about the Washington DC trip,  you will find your answers in the app. Additionally, some games and activities are app exclusives to further engage the attendees. 

What a night to remember. NCCWSL not only provides a wonderful array of panels, but they also offer a night out in Washington DC.
( Izabella Allie )

The panels and activities are very engaging. The speakers truly want to help each participant succeed. In terms of panels and speakers, I was personally touched by the public speaker and advocate of DV (Domestic Violence), Janine Latus. She is a very powerful woman and writer. Latus spoke about how 1 in 4 women experience abuse in relationships. 

Towards the end of the week, NCCWSL sends participants on a night trip to Washington DC. This was by far one of my favorite parts. 

 In the words of NCCWSL themselves, “Dare to be the face of tomorrow!”

For more information on being a part of this opportunitycontact Rhonda Donovan at [email protected] or call 734-462-7429.

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Izabella Allie, Photo Editor
My name is Izabella Allie. I am 18 and a college freshman at Schoolcraft. Right now, I am undecided with my major but leaning towards psychology. For now, I’m currently the Photo Editor on “The Schoolcraft Connection.” I’ve enjoyed photography and graphic design from a young age. I even remember buying a used computer with my dad as a little kid. I would go to coffee shops with him to draw, play games and even sometimes write stories that made no sense. Additionally, I would work on my homework which usually consisted of some sort of math. I was never any good at math. In fact, I struggled so much that I relied on special help from tutors. They say there are two types of people in the world, those who are good at English and those who are good at math. I for one seemed to be better at English than math. I never struggled with writing or expressing myself in an artistic way. Art has always been my outlet. It is something that I was naturally good at from the beginning. I didn't need a tutor, special help after school, or even to study. I could just create. I think that's what made me enjoy it most. In high school, I didn't fit in. As I neared the end of my high school days, I even sat alone at lunch, spending time on my computer designing, writing, and watching videos about how to grow my experience in the arts. I heard “You’ll like college so much more!” so many times. I’ll admit, they were right. The college experience has been so much better. It is full of opportunities, new friendships and goals. I look forward to my next 2 years at Schoolcraft.

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