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Creating leaders one student at a time

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Leadership is something that no organization can function properly without, but what makes Schoolcraft College so special is that it provides a foundation for student leaders to grow. 

Multiple different studies show that being involved on campus creates a better college experience for the student, and often students who are involved have a higher GPA. Being supportive, being an example and building a community are all different aspects of what being a leader means. Whether they are the president of a club, a Student Ambassador or an editor on the Schoolcraft Connection; students are able to make a difference in so many people’s lives.

Evan Allen is a student striving to make a consistent difference and can always be found on campus. He is currently a Student Ambassador, in the Honors Studies program and one of the current vice-presidents of the Film Production Club. Allen joined the Honors program because he wanted a way to connect and volunteer around campus. His leadership shows through his helpful and compassionate nature. He has confidence like no other and can always be himself in any given situation. During the time that I’ve known Evan, I have seen his selflessness and consideration in action hundreds of times. One encounter with Evan and you know that he truly cares about you; one of the biggest attributes of a leader.

Helping others to feel included is a huge part in what being a leader means, and Jade Cloud definitely does that. Cloud is the President of Black Student Union, and a captain of the Cheer team. She joined BSU with the desire to become more involved in the community and to feel included. BSU is dedicated to helping black students feel welcome, involved and heard on 

campus. Cloud is perfect for the role as she has an incredibly warm personality. Cloud is incredibly respectable and has contributed to multiple different on-campus events. Her creativity and team building abilities really come into play in her role with the Cheer Team, which are both necessary skills of a leader. 

Leaders are people who lead by example, and Owen Fisher is a great role model. He is on Schoolcraft’s Golf team and a Student Ambassador. He joined the Golf team because he wanted to be on a team of like-minded individuals. 

Fisher is constantly pushing himself to be a better leader, and it shows. 

He believes that being a leader means there is weight behind what you say and do, and he holds himself to that standard. His motivation is very evident, as he has an incredibly strong work ethic. Being with Fisher is always enjoyable, as he’s incredibly personable; however, his most admirable trait is his integrity. His integrity stands out and sets him apart from others: which is one of the most important traits of a leader. 

Responsibility is another attribute to being a successful leader, and Aline Villanueva is no exception. She is a Student Ambassador and a member of the Cheer team.

She joined the Ambassador program because she wanted to make resources available for others with limited or no access. 

Growing up in a low-income household, she can understand this perspective. She received opportunities for universities; though it was out of the question due to her mom’s health. She wasn’t aware of the many opportunities available to her, and wanted to change that so others don’t have the same experience. Becoming a Student Ambassador meant helping other students be aware of on campus resources that would benefit them and help with opportunities. No matter what situation it is, Villanueva is willing to take charge and do what needs to be done in order to help. Responsibility is one of the biggest obstacles of leadership, but I’ve seen Villanueva’s approach to it on and off campus and it’s incredibly commendable. 

Kathryn Wenske is the definition of the word “leadership.” When I first joined the Schoolcraft Connection, I was very timid due to the fact that I was homeschooled growing up, but Wenske immediately befriended me. Since meeting her, she has shown me incredible compassion, support and guidance. She is a tutor, Student Ambassador and the Editor-in-Chief of the Schoolcraft Connection. While she was sprung into the position of Editor-in-Chief, she naturally fits into that role, as well as other leadership positions. She became involved in the newspaper because she had always liked writing and the position appealed to her. Furthermore, she wanted to allow others who were unable to communicate to have a voice and a power to speak up through her. Wenske creates a positive environment where all opinions are heard and welcome: one of the best qualities a leader could possess. 

My time at Schoolcraft College has shown me that leaders are what makes it successful. There are so many student leaders on campus that have helped shape me into who I am and helped me lead better. As a student leader myself, I can say that it has truly made my entire college experience more positive. Many leaders have made a difference in my life, and I’ve learned so much from my time attending here. Schoolcraft has built an environment that allows individuals to come together and create a community. The leaders on campus will continue to inspire me, even after graduation. 

I know Schoolcraft, its faculty and its staff are going to continue building up leaders who are going to do important things. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these student leaders. 

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Madisyn Brooks
Madisyn Brooks, Staff Videographer
Hiiiiiiiii my name is MADI!! I was homeschooled growing up and Schoolcraft was my first time attending a real life school. I’m currently majoring in Computer Graphics Technology in the 3D & Video Graphics track. I’m a Multimedia Staffer for the Schoolcraft Connection (the thing you're reading right now isn’t that crazy.) Until recently I was one of the Co-Presidents of the Film Production Club and now I’m the Co-President of the Student Activities Board! I’m also a Student Ambassador and am a student employee so you can always find me on campus SOMEWHERE. Growing up, my family sometimes had a hard time communicating, but film and TV was always something that could CONNECT us (haha get it, like Schoolcraft Connection.) Every night for dinner my family ate while watching an episode of a Disney Channel sitcom or a really annoying movie. Due to the positivity I CONNECT (lol) with media, as my goal is to go into directing film sets which is why I wanted to join the Schoolcraft Connection. Working in multimedia through the Connection has been extremely helpful in helping me get more accustomed to a working environment.

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