End of an era

As the end of July approaches, the curtain is closing for Schoolcraft College’s fourth President, Dr. Conway A. Jeffress. With 19 years of service as president and close to four decades with the college, much has changed since Dr. Jeffress first came to Schoolcraft.

The time he has spent with the college resulted in many expansions and plenty of recognition and accomplishments. Arguably his most prominent impact at Schoolcraft came in the form of personal connections he built with students and the community, both of which are immeasurable.

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Au revoir, Dr. Conway A. Jeffress

Dr. Conway A. Jeffress is soon leaving Schoolcraft’s presidential office and ending his professional career for a new chapter of life: retirement.

While Jeffress has held this position for the better part of the last two decades, he was still employed at Schoolcraft for a number of years before climbing the professional ladder. In honor and appreciation for his time at Schoolcraft, the Connection has decided to write him a farewell letter to recognize and thank him for his years of faithful service to our college and support of the Schoolcraft Connection.

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