Editorial: Ocelot Ovation


Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer, Dr. Cheryl M. Hagen. (Photo courtesy of Schoolcraft College)

Madison Ling and Matthew Fular

After saying our goodbyes to beloved and former President, Dr. Conway A. Jeffress, the Schoolcraft community once again prepares to send another member of our Ocelot pride off to a well-earned retirement: Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer, Dr. Cheryl M. Hagen.

Although it’s difficult to bid farewell to another wonderful leader, we are privileged to write this letter to recognize and honor the dedication, accomplishments and contributions that came with her tenure which began in 2001.

During her 19 years at Schoolcraft, Dr. Hagen supported the students and the college through several initiatives. For one, she assisted with the implementation of the mandatory Student Success Seminar. This resulted in higher retention rates among students who took the course. Additionally, Dr. Hagen worked collaboratively to implement the No-classes-cancelled Guarantee, which became active back in 2011. This ensures credited students that whatever class they enroll for will run regardless of the number of students signed up. Of the college’s most recent achievements, the restoration of the millage in 2018, Dr. Hagen collaborated with a collegewide team to successfully get it passed. This effort has increased the financial stability of the campus.

Dr. Hagen’s efforts have had a positive impact on students in the present and will continue in the years to come. However, all stories must come to an end, and The Connection hopes that a fairytale ending awaits Dr. Hagen. 

Thank you for your 19 years, may retirement give you endless hours to enjoy the things and people you love.

The Connection Editorial Staff