Column: Awakened by the Legacies of Truth

A poem


Catreese Qualls


As a multiracial woman of colour, I’ve felt the effects of separate but equal from a very early age. With those feelings came a sense of urgency to not only defy the narrative of an entire nation, but more importantly compel others to realize that we are each empowered to change the way we perceive others. Moreover, we are more than a label: not to be defined by the contrast of skin, but by the depth and integrity of our character.



When you rise for something you believe in, you stare injustice in the face and dare yourself to be overcome by it.

No single individual is the center of this universe, nor superior in any way, shape, form or fashion than any other human being.

Instead we are all forces to be reckoned with each in our own unique way

When the dust has finally settled and it has all been said and done our voices will have echoed across the land and from sea to shining sea triumphantly the world will finally proclaim a truth that all men and women are Free & Equal indeed!

Our actions will have conquered hate which rides on the back of ignorance, Unfamiliar faces speaking in unfamiliar tongues will walk boldly together filled with kindred spirit breathing new life into the existence of those whose souls have grown weary of fighting a battle over melanin or the absence thereof

We are bound together as humans celebrating our cultural differences as a collective whole

We are shadows only to setting of the sun, we are courageous inspired and filled with knowledge on demand

We are the now generation

Techno warriors, nature lovers and organic freedom fighters entrenched in a fight we didn’t begin, Yet we are prepared to finish

We’re on a journey to live an authentically Good Life.

We will not bend nor break, We will no longer be held captive by oppression, nor bound by our fears

We will stand on this land made fertile by our blood, and we too shall begin to reap from the harvest of Freedom.

When you rise out of fear there’s a rush of adrenaline like lighting crashing upon the earth. It can’t be stopped nor can it be contained. It is irreversible, authentic, organic and impenetrable to world forces. It is YOUR LEGACY OF TRUTH!

When you rise out of fear there’s a rush of adrenaline like lighting crashing upon the earth. It can not be stopped nor contained. It is irreversible and organic impenetrable to world forces.