Giving a pint away saves three lives today

Schoolcraft hosts blood drive Feb. 8


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Versiti Blood Centers will be on campus Feb. 8 to run a blood drive. The drive will take place from 9:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. down in the Vista-Tech Center in Lower Waterman.

Alex Hawthorne, Staff Writer

The human body comprises many diverse sets of mechanisms and resources in order to regulate itself. One of the most important out of all of them is blood, although now more than ever before there is a dire need for it. Luckily enough Versiti Blood Centers will be on campus Feb. 8 to run a blood drive at Schoolcraft College. Between 9:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. any eligible individual will be able to donate blood down at the VisTaTech Center in Lower Waterman Student Activities Center.

Blood is used for a variety of procedures and has unique properties of which can help treat a variety of conditions. According to the Versiti Blood Center “Someone needs blood every two seconds” yet only “5% of the population donate” meaning that the demand for blood currently exceeds the supply of it. By donating a pint of blood through this drive on average 3 or more people will have had their life saved in just one hour. In general, “There isn’t much you can do to save as many lives in an hour except for making a blood donation,” according to Alisa Risner, an account representative for Versiti whose life was in fact saved by a blood donation. The Versiti Blood Center operates within Michigan and supplies blood to Beaumont hospital, Henry Ford Hospital, UofM Hospital, and Ascension Providence making them one of the most trustworthy centers in the country.

For Schoolcraft partnering with them after five years it is guaranteed that the blood donated during this drive will be put to good use. Hopefully this knowledge will get some blood pumping for Feb. 8. 

Walk-ins and appointments are available for those interested. To RSVP please call 866-MIBLOOD or visit to schedule. Make sure to speak to a doctor or health professional to determine eligibility for blood donation as for certain medical conditions, diseases, lifestyles, and medications that can create increased risk or ineligibility.  For more information check out the fact sheets posted on their website or contact them by phone.